General sales conditions

The offer and the sale of branded products Brandodesign S.R.L. Unipersonale (“the Products”) is governed by the following General Sales Conditions, that you can always print a copy.

The products presented on site are produced by Brandodesign S.r.l. Unipersonale and sold by Brandodesign S.r.l. Unipersonale (after also “Brando Design”) with registered office in Via dei Venier 1/D, 33085 Maniago (PN) Tel. +390427737885 | P.IVA IT01784330936
Registered at the Chamber of Commerce I.A.A. of Pordenone with the number 01784330936 and REA number: PN – 104312, fiscal code and VAT number IT01784330936. Social capital euro 10.000,00 Contacts Brandodesign S.r.l. Unipersonale Unipersonale
Office: Via dei Venier, 1/D, 33085, Maniago (PN) Tel. +39 0427 737885 | VAT number IT01784330936
Sito: www.brandodesign.it
Email: info@brandodesign.it

In order to purchase the products through the site you can:
a) register at the site by filling out the relevant registration form after reading the privacy statement and the cookie informative
b) proceed as a “guest user“ after reading the privacy statement and the cookie informative
To submit a purchase order for one or more products you should log in to the site via authentication credentials that we have provided to you following the registration application (if you are a registered user), fill in the online form and direct it following the relevant instructions.
Before proceeding with the submission of the order form, you will able to find and correct any errors of data by clicking on the “cart” icon, than editing and adding the previously selected products and clicking “delete” or “update”. With the telematic transmission of the order form you accept unconditionally and you commit to observe the present General Sales Conditions during cooperations with BrandoDesign.
The languages available to conclude the contract with Brandodesign are Italian and English.
In the order form you will find a Summary of General Sales Conditions, information on the essential features of each product, and the related price, the means of payment you can use to purchase, product delivery mode and shipping costs.
The contract is concluded as soon as you receive order confirmation, a telematic o email order summary from Brandodesign.
In the case of incomplete data it will be impossible to proceed with the ordering.
In the case of not availability of the product we will inform you by an email, specifying the reasons, that the contract is not concluded and that the product consignment will not be proceeded. In the case of payment in advance, Brandodesign will repay the amount already paid.
The order form will be registered in our DB for the period of time required for order execution and in anycase in terms of contractual and fiscal compliance. Any moment you can access forms sent to Brandodesign entering you pannel of control (Account).

The price of every single Product (including VAT) is listed in respective information sheet, and exclude shipping and delivery fees that will be specified in details before sending an order.
You can can pay you order in the following modes you choose:
Payment via credit card
Through this form of payment, as soon as the online transaction is concluded, all financial information (the card number, the validity date…) will automatically be forwarded via cryptographic protocol to the reference banking institution which will charge the amount paid for the purchase made on its current account. At no time during the purchasing procedure, Brandodesign will be able to know your credit card number, which will be transmitted through a secure connection directly from the service provider you choose among those available and indicated by Brandodesign. Financial information will never be used by Brandodesign unless you complete the procedures related to your purchase, or when it is necessary to prevent or report to the police the commission of fraud on the site. The charge will be made only when the ordered products are shipped. Brandodesign uses the bank credit card payment system that accepts Visa and Mastercard circuits.
In order to make the online credit card transactions more secure, since the 1st of October 2001 a security code is required (CVC2/CVV2). This number is neither is stored inside the magnetic strip, nor printed in the payment receipts. Requesting this security code makes sure that the customer physically possesses this credit card, and that the information on the card is not counterfeit. The Visa and Mastercard credit cards have a code of a three-digit number, located in the upper right corner next to the space for signing the card.
Payment by PayPal
To use this payment method you just need to posses a PayPal account and choose the PayPal option on the first page of the order basket. On the page of the order confirm, clicking “Conclude the order” you will be linked to a login PayPal page. Then you can conclude the order directly from you PayPal account. The charge will be in the currency of the PayPal account at no extra cost. If you still don’t posses a PayPal account, you will have a possibility to activate it during the procedure of PayPal payment.
The product remains to be a Brandodesign’s property until the complete payment of the total sum.

The purchased products will be delivered exclusively from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.
Delivery times
Delivery in Italy within five (5) ordinary working days, following the payment confirmation, unless otherwise stated in the site during the holiday period or Brandodesign’s days off;
Delivery overseas within eight (8) ordinary working days, following the payment confirmation, unless otherwise stated in the site during the holiday period or Brandodesign’s days off;
If the product is not available in our store, you will be warned within 24 hours via email with necessary days left for delivery indicated. In the case of not acceptance of necessary time for production, Brandodesign will repay the sums paid.
Brandodesign is not responsible for any delays in delivery of the products attributable to the shipper or due to force majeure.

For purchases with delivery on Italian territory the cost of shipment is considered as a forfait and is done through DHL or SDA.
The delivery costs of brando products purchased on the website brandodesign.it in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden are expressly indicated on the web site (VAT included). It is impossible to place an order for delivery to any address outside the countries listed above.

At the moment of delivery you are required to check whether the package is intact, not damaged and not wet, and anyway is altered in the closing materials. Any damage found should be immediately contested the courier delivering the product.
Once signed the courier delivery document, you will not be able to contest any damage of the product package.
The lack of correspondence of the ordered product to the received one must be immediately communicated via email info@brandodesign.it

The essential characteristics of the products are indicated in the respective product card.
The image and the colour of the product presented in our web site may not correspond to real one due to technical characteristics of internet browser or of PC screen.
Brandodesign is responsiìble to within two (2) years from of receipt of the brando product for the defect verified at the moment of product delivery. For the defects reported otherwise the customer will suffer the loss of the guarantee.
In the case that claims filed during the Guarantee Period, are well founded, and accepted by Brandodesign, the latter will repair or replace the Product, which will be delivered, at the expense and care of Brandodesign, in the same place indicated in the order.
At the expiration of the guarantee, you must report by post and / or via email to info@BrandoDesign.it any defects found in the products delivered no later than two months after their discovery.
The guarantee is excluded if the product defects have been caused and / or derive from the following causes:
any repairs, alterations and / or modifications not authorized by Brandodesign in a written form;
normal wear of materials;
improper use of the products.

According to art. 52 and following of the Consumption Code (D.Lgs 206/05 and smi) you are entitled to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason, by printing the form you find on the site within the card of the product you want to withdraw, compiling it and sending it via email to info@brandodesign.it within 30 days from the date you received the product or, in the case of split deliveries of a single order, from the date of the last delivery. Full proof of receipt makes the date reported on the delivery note.
Returned Products must be sent to Brandodesign in a single shipment within 14 days after sending the withrawal request at the following address: Brandodesign S.r.l. Unipersonale, Via dei Venier, 1 / D, 33085, Maniago (PN).
Shipping and related costs will be at your expense. In the shipping package you must put a copy of the withdrawal form you have sent by email.
The right of withdrawal may only be exercised if the Products are provided with the relevant packaging and label and are intact at the time of return; therefore, in the case of Products used or damaged, you will not be able to withdraw the sales contract.
As soon as the Products return, Brandodesign will provide the necessary verifications of the conformity of the Products with the terms and conditions mentioned above. If the checks are completed positively, Brandodesign will send you via email the confirmation of acceptance of the returned Products, describing how the refund will be made within the next 2 days.
If there is no correspondence between the recipient of the Products indicated in the order form and the person that has paid for their purchase, the repayment of the sums will be executed by Brandodesign towards who has paid an order.

In the case of disputes concerning the interpretation, execution or termination of the sales contract referred to in these General Sales Conditions, the case will be subject of the Court of your place of your residence.
In the case of a residence in a foreign country, the competent court will be The Court of Pordenone.
Any case, not covered by these General Conditions of Sale, Italian law applies.

You can request any information from Brandodesign through our support service:
via email at info@brandodesign.it
by phone at tel. +39 0427 737885

Brandodesign is not responsible for failure to access the Site or for failure to complete and / or forward the order due to: force majeure, temporary failures or malfunctions of Brandodesign equipment, temporary failures or malfunctions of the Internet provider.

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